The transverse vaginal septum is a congenital Mullerian abnormality caused due to improper fusion of the Müllerian ducts with urogenital sinus. It is classified as complete or incomplete and obstructive or non-obstructive and occurs at various levels such as superior vaginal (46%), mid-vaginal(40%) and inferior vaginal(14%). Transverse vaginal septum is a rare condition with incidence varying from 1:2100 to 1:72,000. The condition is difficult to manage often due to delayed diagnosis and is usually diagnosed when hematocolpos lead to symptoms due to an expanding pelvic mass


A 14-year-old female adolescent presented with a history of acute pain abdomen that was increasing in frequency. Initially diagnosed as a case of imperforate hymen. Following additional pelvic examination and further investigation of the Transabdominal ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it was confirmed to be a case of Transverse vaginal septum presenting with cryptomenorrhea.


This case report presents transverse vaginal septum with a solitary symptom of acute abdominal pain. The report emphasizes the need for additional investigations with considering cryptomenorrhea as a possible differential diagnosis and an appropriate age for repair

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Amenorrhea, transverse vaginal septum, cryptomenorrhea, mullerian abnormality

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