BACKGROUND: Oral health is an important issue that affects not only the teeth and mouth but also general health, appearance, and self-esteem. Risk of having infections including poor oral health and periodontal infections are the most proposed mechanisms of action of depression and anxiety on the human body by modification of the immune system function and increasing pro-inflammatory cytokines and induction of vascular inflammation. It is proposed that these two conditions can cause oral and dental problems since emotional changes can influence oral mucosa. Several researches have also shown a relationship between anxiety or depression and periodontal health.


A 24-year-old female with multiple episodes of depression and anxiety due to anticipated pain of dental procedures and myths about dentures.

CONCLUSIONS: This case report emphasizes on the need for interaction between psychiatry and dental sciences. Assessing possible evolution of psychiatric conditions in people undergoing dental procedures and assessing oral health in psychiatric patients.

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dentures, oral health, anxiety, depression

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