Background: Recently, several studies have been reported on epigenetic modifications of DNA as a predisposing factor for several diseases among neonates and adults. Here we aimed to study the changes in the DNA methylation pattern in the promoter region of the CALCA gene among the neonates suspected to have sepsis in a tertiary care hospital.

Methodology: All the neonates suspected to have sepsis based on the inclusion criteria during the study period were included in the study as cases. Normal healthy neonates were included in the study as controls. Positive cases were isolated from suspected cases based on positive blood culture and sensitivity reports. DNA extraction was done by the non-enzymatic salting-out method and was subjected to bisulfite conversion by manual method. Methylation-specific PCR was performed on a Thermal cycler gradient using a standard protocol. Positive samples were further analyzed for their melting behavior using the EpiTetHRM kit.

Results: A total of 115 neonates were included in the study out of which 63 were normal healthy controls and 52 were diagnosed to have sepsis by the neonatologist based on the clinical presentation. Out of the 52 neonates suspected to have sepsis only 7 had positive blood culture. DNA methylation of the CALCA gene was detected in one healthy control and 5 neonates in the sepsis group.

Conclusion: DNA methylation status in the promoter region of the CALCA gene were more from the methylation status in the normal healthy controls. Hence, this may serve as a useful biomarker for sepsis in the future.

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Neonatal Sepsis, Neonatalogy

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