Intertrochanteric fracture is a common orthopedic condition characterized by extracapsular fractures of the proximal femur that occur between the greater and lesser trochanter with predominance in elderly population, especially those with osteoporosis, wherein even a low energy mechanism is enough to cause the fracture.

There is an observed female predominance with ratio between 2:1 and 8:1. [1,2]

Commonly observed symptoms include shortened and externally rotated limb, pain and bony tenderness around the hip joint, inability to bear weight on the affected limb to name a few.

Management depends upon age of patient, nature of the fracture, number of comminuted fragments and blood loss.

Treatment for intertrochanteric fractures includes conservative management using Thomas splint application and immobilization after reduction of fracture. In case the fracture is displaced then there is a need for surgical reduction and internal fixation using dynamic hip screw, proximal femoral nail or gamma nails.


A 27-year-old male patient presented to the emergency department of JSS hospital with alleged history of road traffic accident with inability to bear weight on the right lower limb, bony tenderness and crepitus over right hip joint and over right thigh which was confirmed to be intertrochanteric fracture and spiral fracture of shaft of femur on radiographic imaging.


This case report presents the mechanism of injury which is high energy mechanism leading to intertrochanteric fracture in young individual and its management.

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