Dislocation of the shoulder is the commonest of all large joint dislocations. Inferior dislocation of the shoulder, also called luxatio erecta, is a rare form. It appears in less than 0.5% of all shoulder dislocations. Patient characteristically presents with an arm locked in upright position - Luxatio erecta. Its etiology, clinical presentation and radiographic findings are distinct. An awareness of associated potential neurovascular injuries and rotator cuff tears is important in this rare entity and should be excluded with high index of suspicion. Preferred modality of treatment depends upon the age of the patient and the extent of neurovascular involvement. Treatment can be range from medical management via analgesics to Physiotherapy to plastic surgery for nerve graft in increasing order of complication of the shoulder displacement.

Case Description: A 34 year old female patient, presented with alleged history of RTA(fall from two wheeler)and presented with pain over right shoulder since 5 months which was confirmed to be inferior dislocation of shoulder joint via Xray findings and correlating clinical features.

CONCLUSION: This is a case of inferior dislocation of right shoulder joint of a 24 year old female with no known comorbidities. Hence a multifaceted approach combining physiotherapy, medical management with analgesics and surgical approach in case of evidence of neurovascular deficits is the preferable mode of treatment.

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Right shoulder Dislocation, Inferior shoulder dislocation

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