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In these changing times there have been increased usage of screen device due to more accessibility to both device and the internet and a greater number of children are having reduced physical activity. The purpose of the current study was to determine if screen usage among adolescents (11-17yrs) who live in supportive environments is associated with decreased levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity.

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A school-based cross-sectional study was conducted in two rural schools of Mysore, Karnataka in February 2023, in 176 students between the age group of 11 – 17yrs. Physical activity and screen time was evaluated using a questionnaire. School sports, Leisure Time Physical Activity (LTPA), and mode of transportation to school was evaluated for their physical activity pattern and the amount of time spent on each type of screen device – TV, Computers, video games, mobile phones, and tablets was measured in hours per day.


Prevalence of excessive screen time usage was 36%and physical activity >1hr./day was found to be 57% in study subjects. However, there is no correlation between physical exercise and screen time found in rural adolescents.


Prevalence of excessive screen time with 57% of adolescents having physical activity more than 1hr/day. A tighter control of screen usage was also shown by 77% of adolescents, being role models for appropriate screen time, all are factors for an improved lifestyle.

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Adolescents, screen time, physical activity, internet, mobile phone

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