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Hypoglycemia is defined as a blood glucose level/dl. It is usually seen in Diabetics due to an improper balance between blood glucose-lowering drugs and food. Patients can have various symptoms, ranging from headaches and palpitations to coma and death. Patients are typically treated with oral carbohydrates and IV carbohydrates/Glucagon if needed. It is essential to understand the presenting complaints of Hypoglycemia as it often complicates the management of Diabetic patients, and sometimes non-Diabetic patients. The symptoms may frequently be mild but can cause significant long-term complications. It is also essential to understand the cause of Hypoglycemia in order to prevent future episodes.

In this case series, we describe 50 cases – their presenting complaints, Capillary Blood Glucose (CBG) values, and likely causes for the events. We also describe the management as done in our hospital.

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Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Insulin, Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs (OHAs), Case Series

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