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Introduction:Grading of breast carcinoma on fine needle aspiration cytology provides useful information about prognosis & also beneficial for selecting patients for neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Aim: To grade the breast carcinoma on FNAC using Robinson grading system and to assess the concordance of cytological grading (CG) with histological grading (HG) using Elston‑Ellis modification of Scarff‑Bloom‑Richardson grading system.

Material method:This prospective study was done in Department of pathology, B.J medical college & Hospital Ahemdabad from Augustl 2016 to october 2018. A total of 200 cases of cytologically confirmed breast carcinoma were included in this study and correlated with histopathological findings. Robinson’s cytological grading was done on cytology smears and modified Bloom-Richardson grading was done on histological sections.

Result:In the present study, majority (110) were Grade II tumors (55%) followed by 53 Grade I tumors (26.5%) and 37 Grade III tumors (18.5%) by cytological grading.where as majority (107 cases) of the tumors (53.5%) were Grade II, followed by 43 (21.5%) Grade I tumors and 50 (25%) Grade I tumors by Histological grading. The result showed overall 78% concordance of CG with HG, with grade II showing highest degree of concordance (86.36%), which is comparable to previous studies.

Conclusion: Cytologic grading method is Simple,non–invasive and comparable with histologic grading system.It provides information about aggressiveness of tumor and is also useful parameter while selecting neo adjuvant chemotherapy in patients of breast carcinoma.

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Breast carcinoma, FNAC, Modified Bloom-Richardson Histopathological grading, Robinson’s cytological grading.

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