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The mammary gland is an exocrine gland present in female mammals responsible for the production and secretion of milk during the process of lactation. It is mainly composed by epithelial cells and adipocytes. The features that make mammary gland unique are 1) its highly plastic properties displayed during pregnancy, lactation and involution (all steps belonging to the lactation cycle) and 2) its requirement to grow in close association with adipocytes which are absolutely necessary to ensure mammary gland development at puberty and remodelling during the lactation cycle. (Georgia colleluori, Jessica perugini, Giorgio barbatelli, and saverio cintr (2021).


The knowledge about anatomical concepts helps for surgical treatment

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Winter 7-26-2023


JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research

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importance of anatomical and surgical management in mammary gland


lymphatic drainage surgical importance

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anatomical and surgical importance of mammarygland



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