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Rapunzel Syndrome is a rare manifestation of trichobezoar, characterized by the presence of hair strands extending beyond the stomach and into the duodenum. Trichobezoars typically develop in individuals with a history of trichotillomania, a compulsive behavioral disorder involving hair-pulling, combined with trichophagia, the ingestion of hair. While trichobezoars predominantly form within the stomach, their occurrence in the jejunum is infrequent. This condition is more commonly observed in adolescent females.

The formation of bezoars within the gastrointestinal tract is typically attributed to anatomical changes. However, in cases where no such anatomical abnormalities are present, psychiatric disorders like trichotillomania can lead to the development of trichobezoars in the stomach. In this case, a 14-year-old patient is diagnosed with trichotillomania. The patient was admitted to the hospital due to complaints of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, and weight loss. Upon examination, a substantial trichobezoar was discovered, completely filling the stomach, duodenum, and extending into the mid-portion of the jejunum, resulting in subacute obstruction.

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Trichobezoar, Rapunzel Syndrome, Trichotilloma, Abdominal pain, Hair, Stomach

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