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Dr. Pradeepkumar P C


Assistant Professor of PSW, Department of Psychiatry, JSS Medical College and Hospital


Background: Individuals with mental illness are vulnerable to developing many physical health issues, as their oral health deteriorates due to poor self-hygiene associated with mental illness. Therefore, this pilot study was undertaken to assess the dental status of individuals with mental illness.

Method: This cross-sectional study involved 61 psychiatric patients recruited from psychiatry department. Psychiatric diagnosis was finalized as per ICD 10 criteria and dental conditions were assessed by consultant dentist.

Results: The study included 61 patients, with 31 (51%) men and 30 (49%) women aged 18 to 60 years. Most patients (54%) were urban residents, and 46% were rural. Among the patients, 39% were diagnosed with common mental disorders, 38% with severe mental disorders, and 23% with substance use disorders. Most participants with psychiatric conditions had dental caries and gingival disease, with missing teeth being common. Few participants reported grossly decayed teeth, and only 9% maintained good oral hygiene.

Conclusion: This study demonstrates a higher prevalence of dental issues among people with psychiatric diseases. It highlights the need for greater emphasis on oral health in this population and underscores the potential impact of psychiatric medications, dental hygiene habits, and socioeconomic factors on oral health outcomes.

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JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research

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Oral issues, Mental health, Dental, Psychiatric Disorder, Pilot study

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