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With an ever-increasing prevalence of diabetes, lack of adherence to insulin treatment in even a small percentage of patients is a major issue and can lead to significant burden on the healthcare system. This survey analysis seeks to investigate the insulin adherence patterns to identify the factors associated with medication adherence.


The current cross-sectional survey was conducted among diabetes patients on insulin treatment. A list of questions about insulin adherence was provided to the participants in the study and the responses were recorded. The data was analysed using Graph Pad Prism.


Around 23.2 and 18.6 % of patients denoted missing their insulin treatment occasionally and kept no tab on their adherence respectively. Further, upon questioning on their adherence, 19.4% and 20.4% denoted missing their insulin injections weekly and monthly respectively. Among the reasons for missing injections, 20.3% mentioned forgetfulness, around 40% mentioned negligence as a reason, and 17.2% avoided insulin injections while feeling sick and better respectively. Among the study participants, around 46% ran out of refills, with 88% of them missing their refills due to forgetfulness. Increasing age (P = 0.0024), female gender (P = 0.0009), elevated HbA1c levels (P = 0.0058), Higher BMI levels (P


Around 42% of the participants missed their insulin injections frequently or kept no tab. Age, gender, insurance status, and glycaemic control have been observed to impact adherence behaviour. Support program focusing on improved education, understanding, and addressing their concerns could facilitate improved adherence among a sub-set of population.

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Insulin Therapy diabetes, Medical adherence, Diabetes mellitus management, BMI - Body Mass Index, and Insulin adherence

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