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Placenta Accreta Spectrum (PAS) disorder is rare (2% according to ACOG) condition of pregnancy when the placenta grows deeply into myometrium. This leads to failure of placenta to separate normally from myometrium after delivery and leads to massive hemorrhage. The PAS is classified as PA (Placenta Accreta), PI (Placenta Increta) and PP ( Placenta Percreta), on basis of depth of trophoblastic invasion. Increase in no. of cesarean sections, increasing the incidence of PAS. Cesarean scar on uterus promotes placental tissue to invade deeply in subsequent pregnancy. Antenatal scanning and color imaging can detect PAS, at a very early stage. Here we are reporting 4 cases of PAS, who came to JSS Hospital with complaint of bleeding per vaginum, diagnosis is confirmed by USG. 3 of them was managed by inj. Methotrexate and hysterectomy done for 1 of them. Those who were treated with inj. Methotrexate had very good outcome for next pregnancy.

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JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research


Placenta accreta, cesarean section, trophoblastic invasion

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