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The study aimed to assess the parental perception of improvement in prelinguistic skills in children with Autism Spectrum disorder [ASD] after 1 and 2 months of Goal Directed Cognitive Approach. This was assessed by a questionnaire filled by parents of 26 consecutive ASD kids at a neurodevelopmental center. Parents were asked to rate these skills on a Likert scale of 1-5 before and after 1 month and 2 months of GDCA to check for any improvement. 69% of ASD kids were boys. Mean age at presentation was 2.6 years. The children were subjected to GDCA for an average duration of 13.7 months. Of these, 11.5% had seizures and 34.6 % had hyperactivity as a comorbidity. The average duration of sustained eye to eye contact at the time of presentation was 5.96 sec, which improved to 10.3 sec after 1 month ( p-0.0002) and further improved to 12.14 seconds at 2 months (p-0.005). Improvements in turn taking at 1 month( p-0.005) and after 2 months (p-0.002) and purposeful noises after 2 months of GDCA (p-0.003) and imitation after first month of treatment (p-0.0001) were significant. Responding and joint attention did not show any significant change with 2 months of therapy. Therefore, children with autism do improve significantly in eye contact, turn taking, imitation, purposeful noises with 2 months of GDCA. Long term follow up is required to assess responding and joint attention.

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