International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences


BACKGROUND Menstrual knowledge, hygiene, and perception are often neglected worldwide, especially in smaller and less developed societies, exposing adolescents to menstrual health hazards. Against the poor communication of menstrual health and hygiene, the present paper attempts to assess the attitude, knowledge, and perceptions towards menstruation among Poumai adolescents of Manipur, Northeast India. METHODS It is a cross-sectional study with data collected from 491 Poumai adolescents through a cross-sectional study using a self-structured schedule on menstrual knowledge. RESULTS The mean age of the respondents was 17.11±1.33 years. 73.12% of adolescents did not know about menstruation before attaining menarche. Most of the adolescents learned about menstruation from their mothers (39.39%), followed by sisters (29.55%), friends (28.79%), and aunts (2.27%), respectively. The study exhibits a significant relationship between age, educational qualification, and advanced knowledge about menstruation before menarche and attitude and perception towards menstruation (