International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences


BACKGROUND: Shadanga Paniya is a compound Ayurvedic formulation that contains six ingredients. Ayurvedic Physicians have been using Shadanga Paniya to treat fever for ages. Symptoms of COVID-19 are also being treated by Shadanga Paniya. However, the Shadanga Paniya has not reported standardisation.

AIMS: To prepare Shadanga Paniya as per the standard classical protocol. To carry out qualitative tests, standardisation and TLC profile development for Shadanga Paniya.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: All the ingredients of Shadanga Paniya wiz. Nagarmotha, Pittapapada, Khasa, Lal Chandana, Sugandhbala and Sunthi were taken in equal amounts. All these ingredients are heated over mild heat with water. The filtration of liquid Shadanga Paniya is carried out after completing proper deduction. Shadanga Paniya was subjected to organoleptic tests. Qualitative tests, physicochemical parameters and thin layer chromatography studies were also carried out. The comparative TLC studies of Shadanga Paniya was carried out with its ingredients.

RESULTS: Organoleptic tests of Shadanga Paniya showed that the colour of the liquid was reddish-brown, and the liquid was clear. It has a characteristic odour with an astringent taste. Qualitative analysis showed the presence of flavonoids, carbohydrates, saponin, phenols and glycosides. Test sample parameters revealed a total solids content (0.812 % w/v) and specific gravity (1.0083). The test sample has a Refractive index (1.334) and pH (4.2). The Thin Layer Chromatography study exhibited 3 bands at 254 nm and 366 nm. After spray, it showed 7 bands under 254 nm and 366 nm. The comparative TLC studies showed the similarities between Shadanga Paniya and its ingredients.

CONCLUSION: The typical type of solvent system [Toluene: Ethyl acetate: Formic acid: Methanol (6:3:0.1:1)] is shows the proper separation in Shadanga Paniya. Therefore, the findings of the present study may be found helpful to standardise Shadanga Paniya.