International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences


BACKGROUND: This study aims to calculate the following bed utilization of intensive care Units (ICU) at the national and regional levels. METHODS: A descriptive retrospective record-based study was done in all ICUs affiliated to Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP). RESULTS: ICU admission rate ranged from 0.09% to 0.41% with 0.19%. BOR ranged from 10% to 72% with 60%. The ALS (Days) ranged from 1.92 days to 5.41 days with 3.61 days. The average ABTI per year ranged from 1.42 days to 25.04 days with 2.46 days. The average ABTR ranged from 13.14 to 101.02 with 60.14. CONCLUSIONS: Utilization of ICUs affiliated to MOHP is not optimal at the national level and there is a room for improvement.