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Background: The primary goal of sewage water treatment is to eliminate or bring down the number of pollutants in the sewage water. This study was needed to assess the efficacy of a sewage treatment plant in reducing contaminants levels to comply with government environmental standards. The wastewater re-use for irrigation approaches must be in compliance with the guidelines and indicators must be tracked and impended consistently, it is therefore essential to give top priority to requirements at the stage of evaluating and development to protect land and water supplies as well as public health. Methods: Chemical and biological approaches were used to regulate the removal efficiency of treatment plants. The performance and effectualness of the Vidyaranyapuram sewage treatment plant (STP) in Mysore are evaluated and analyzed in this report. Novelty: Water quality needs to be regularly checked in wastewater treatment facilities. The current study will aid the treatment facility in its efforts to enhance the process of treatment. One would be able to update the effluent efficiency levels depending on the seasonal variations in wastewater treatment as the assessment explains the number of water quality metrics in waste water plants. The obtained analysis results are very helpful in locating, fixing, and maintaining plant operating and maintenance issues, which may be helpful for next plant expansion to be carried out to get good results. Result: The STP's treatment efficiencies were discovered to have a good treatment level in BOD (96%) and a moderate treatment quality in COD (79%) and TSS (75%) removal efficiency during the year 2018. Conclusion: To ensure correct operation and maintenance, trained and experienced workers must analyze treatment performance at predetermined time intervals. The result explains the quality of effluent water and performance of treatment plant. STPs should be used to their full potential to manage the quality of final effluent, and raw sewage sources should be identified.

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