International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences


Social challenges are constantly evolving and organizations need to adapt timely improvisations to stabilize the growth amidst these presenting challenges. The word “social challenges” itself is so varied in its representation, that it circumscribes various “planned” and “forced” challenges and threats that innately has the potential to destabilize the more so stable flow of processes. Educational institutions are expected to steer a variety of domains for a cumulative stable and progressive outcome. When the stakes at hand are so diverse and the challenges so intense, there is no landmark recipe that can be a single solution to all challenging situations for any educational institution. Hence, it is imperative to have a collective observational array of various institution’s responsiveness and the resultant outcomes handy to plan the best permutation of the change management for the challenge at hand. This article focusses on the review of literature to collate the various change management outcomes undertaken by educational organizations to meet the potentially disruptive challenges.