International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences


For decades, cancer has been a major public health concern worldwide owing to its high mortality rate. Many therapeutic strategies have come up in the scientific world, but it's pitiful to know that synthetic chemotherapeutic agents either cause adverse effects or cancer cells develop resistance to these agents. Plant-derived chemotherapeutic agents present a wide range of therapeutics and most are yet to be discovered. In the current review, we have discussed the tumoricidal properties of Mucuna pruriens (seed), Withania coagulans (berry), Anacyclus pyrethrum (rhizome), Arachis hypogea (leaf), Rhizaoma polygoni (root) and Terminalia chebula (fruit). We have also tried to summarize the latest research in cancer chemoprevention and treatment using the bioactive components from these natural plants. Pharmaceutical developmental challenges and opportunities in bringing the phytochemicals into the market are also explored. The authors wish to expand this research area not only for their scientific soundness, but also for their potential-yet-affordable druggability.