International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences


GeoAI is a new emerging research area that refers to set of technologies that integrate AI technology with a diversity of GIS (Geographic Information System) techniques. The present study observed that GeoAI goes beyond current GIS expectations and into the domain of possibility in the not-too-distant future. This emerging interdisciplinary science will lead us to sustainable decisions and explore the most suitable solutions to the existing problems. GeoAI has the potential to transform current geography and geomatics programs by incorporating a GeoAI dimension into modern GIS curricula. In this review, we have studied the application GeoAI in various healthcare fields. GeoAI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, public health, infectious disease control, disaster aid, and the achievements of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). in healthcare, GeoAI can help with disease diagnosis, treatment planning, and resource allocation. In public health, it can aid in disease surveillance, emergency response planning, and identifying health disparities. In infectious disease control, GeoAI can help predict and track disease outbreaks and support vaccination campaigns. In disaster aid, GeoAI can provide real time data on environmental hazards and their impact on public health. In achieving Sustainable Development Goals, it can support in land use planning, urban development, and resource allocation to promote health and environmental sustainability. Overall GeoAI has the potential to transform multiple sectors and improve the well-being of populations worldwide.