International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences


Background: The use of dietary supplements, in the form of protein powders, branched chain amino-aids, multi-vitamins and minerals is widespread in the field of nutrition, fitness and aesthetics to boost nutrition levels, enhance athletic performance or assist in weight loss. The present survey was carried out to study the nutritional knowledge and consumption of dietary supplements among athletes and gym-goers. Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted among athletes and gym-goers (n=100) selected from various gym and stadium in the city of Mysore using semi-structured pre-tested questionnaire. Results: The knowledge and consumption of dietary supplements was higher among gym-goers when compared to that of athletes. Majority (52%) of the gym-goers consumed supplements which included Whey protein in powder form (80%) from past one year. The side effects of supplement consumption was observed among 9.5% athletes. Conclusion: The use of supplements among gym goers was very high which can further lead to health illness eventually. Therefore, this study recommends that users should be sensitized on the importance, protective measures and side effects of using excess nutritional supplements without the consultations of nutritionists/dietetians.