International Journal of Health and Allied Sciences


Supernumerary teeth are numerical developmental anomaly defined as an additional teeth present as a complement to the normal dentition. Mesiodens is relatively a most common anomaly in the developing dentition stages. This article presents the case report of a 6-year old girl child who with the chief complaint of malaligned upper front teeth. On detailed clinical and radiographic examination the presence of vertically impacted mesiodens in the anterior region with close proximity to nasal floor was noted. The child didn’t have any relevant medical or dental history. Due to pertaining complexity and its close proximation to the nasal floor it was decided to carryout extraction of mesiodens under general anesthesia. Following the extraction of mesiodens under general anesthesia after the scheduled recovery appropriate post-operative instructions were given to the child and their parents and the child was discharged. Follow up was scheduled after 1 week which showed uneventful healing of the surgical site and subsequent eruption of maxillary right lateral incisor. Mesiodens belong to the category of supernumerary teeth which can result numerous dentofacial defects if not removed promptly. Hence parents must have considerable attention and seek dental help whenever they notice an asymmetric pattern of teeth eruption in their children. In this case scenario the mesiodens were removed as it prevented the eruption of successor permanent teeth which henceforth resulted with considerable esthetic concerns for the child due to its prolonged retention within the dental arch.